Tuesday, November 15, 2016

War on Christmas

It is not even Thanksgiving and I'm already seeing my conservative friends and family buy in to fake war on Christmas. One had the following trumped up Peanuts cartoon

I hate to bust people's War on Christmas balloon but there is nowhere in the US or in the western world where someone is not allowed to say Marry Christmas. You can Merry Christmas till you throat is sore and not one officer will throw you in jail for disorderly Merry Christmas hate speech!

I know what ticks off the War on Christmas people is the fact that stores like Target and others prefer to not single out one religion or another and just say Happy Holidays. Most of the War on Christmas people forget that Christmas is not the only holiday in December and news flash people Christianity is not the only religion practiced in the good ol' USA. 

Our county was founded on the premise of religious freedoms. You can believe anything! Scientology proves that! Your can also believe in nothing, atheism proves that. Bottom line is if you are offended by someone saying Happy Holidays then you really need to check you priorities. Jesus was the most inclusive person to ever live on planet earth. He hung out with the most outcast bunch of people around in the early years of the first century AD. We need to take His example, especially since it is his Birthday and see the world as a bunch of different people who are all beloved by God. He came for the whole world, not just the Merry Christmas people. 

We also need to be able to separate the secular from the sacred. Target is obviously not a religious company. It is therefore secular. As such it has to cater to the secular world. The church is sacred. It does not have to cater to the secular world if it does not want to.

So let God's light shine through you this holiday season. Wish people a Merry Christmas if you want, but for me Happy Holidays is just as good. It might also be a good time to expand you brain and look up some other religious holidays that happen in December. Instead of belly aching over one phases be happy that we live in such a great diverse country where we can practise or not practise any religion we please. That makes me happy and merry.

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